CHURRASCO A RODIZIO – the traditional Brazilian barbecue, served table-side by Gauchos, who carve up skewers of beef, chicken, pork and lamb that have been grilled over wood fire, just as the legendary Gauchos would have done in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil. Accompanying the barbecued meats is a full-course exceptional salad bar, with delicious Brazilian side dishes made from typical Brazilian ingredients.
    YES & NO TOKENS – For more meat, simply keep your coaster green side up.
    Full or skipping the meat? Flip it to the red side.


    The Meats

    * Some of the meats pictured below may not be offered for lunch in Hyannis.




    * Salad Bar and Hot Buffet are updated daily. Images are just an example of what we serve.



    The Bar

    * Photos are for visual purposes only. Presentation may change.




    * Our homemade desserts are made fresh and may not be available at your
    favorite Brazilian Grill at all times.



    Catering Menu


    First Column – Serves up to 10 people
    Second Column – Serves up to 20 people